Duncannon 2009 thank you again

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Duncannon 2009 thank you again

Postby rommel on Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:41 pm

Lads and ladies
On behalf of the Munster Military vehicle and Reenactment group , myself and Emmet and all behind the scenes i would like to say a big thank you to all who attended and made this event the best one we had yet . I know everyone who attended said the sun made it but it was really the suport and commitment from all involved , from the one man displays to the 15 and 20 member display teams , exhibitors , traders and stall holders some with their own display teams , airsoft groups , clubs and airsoft traders from all over Ireland . Well done all .
We feed everyone amazingly on both days with a fine dinner in the evening and a good bar b q on Sunday night topped it all off witheveryone together . I have to say there was a great atmosphere around that fire that night with reenacators and traders and locals involved . Lovely night .
To all the new groups and people who came , thanks , Ken and his celtic warrior men , impressive display and weapons handling in the moat . Paul Merton was highly impressed by it all especially at the axe throwing , Tuatha De Barra and all involved , The Great war Society and Graeme Evans and his lads who travelled from the North . Frontline and , the WHLA , SGNord ,Die Gruppe and all the lads who travelled down from the North also , including Winston Churchill he stole the show especially in front of the cameras , priceless
Sean Curtis and his constantly expanding group , well done all , we will reciprocate for Salute in force , Tom O Neil and Eugene for their impresive display and the way they dealt with the public all day each day , well done guys , ye had yere hands full
Romans Ireland for the fantastic camp and displays that really wowed the publis both on the square and down the moat , I regretted i just could not gear up and be part of it as i was on the go non stiop with the show but ye didnt need me , ye had plenty good men there already , im delighted ye got a good slot with the BBc lads and hopefully willl be aired in October or very early November , ye did the Romans Irlenad group and Duncannon show proud also
Battle group south and War group , ye know the story , thanks for the supreme effort since last week , all through the week and right up to the early hours of this morning.

And a special thanks to the mighty JOCK and the lads and lassie who came form the UK with Jock representing KSK kampfgruppe StahlKrieger , thanks guys and girls

its important to note , when the show finished on Sunday night , many of the lads worked on all day monday , cleaning up the area , disassembling the various displays , loading vehicles and handing back the fort the way we got it . Also we moved alot of gear and equipment for group swho had transport problems .
Vehicles were on the road all day yesterday and the last vehicles reached Cork at 11 on monday night . We then had to return these drivers back to Waterford to collect their own cars and myself and several of the other lads finished this morning about 3 am after our return trip to Water ford . And we made it to work today , just about .
So if my thank you was slow then i apologise as i am only in from Work now .

I will give plenty notice of when the show with Paul Meton will be aired but i am informed its late october or there abouts .

Finally , we through the trade stalls and tickets will be in a position to donate 1000 euro to Alan Montague s fund now as we promised we would so it was a success on all fronts

So finally to all , Go raibh maith agat , Danke , Merci , Thank you , Ta Ta , etc etc one and all for a magnificent weekend , i will post a video clip and phots over the next week when i unpack and im sure it will bring back a few nice memories to all present

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Re: Duncannon 2009 thank you again

Postby lightbringer on Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:58 pm

This post is a bit like Hy Breasil, sometimes its there and sometimes its not!!! Great work Joe and Emmet, these people have real lives and they still organise a professional gig! I couldnt do it!! hats off to you good sirs!!

The FJ had a great time!!
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Re: Duncannon 2009 thank you again

Postby jenny102 on Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:57 pm

All the members of IMVG would like to thank Emmet and Joe for a fabulous weekend.

See you all at Salute !!
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Re: Duncannon 2009 thank you again

Postby speirs on Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:34 pm

on behalf of Wargroup i would like to thank emmet and joe for a great weekend.

thanks to all the other groups who were there and shared their knowledge with me.

i think i managed to get around to all the people who were involved, if notim sorry it was a busy weekend.

see ye all soon at the next event.

thanks again to one and all
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