European Heritage Label

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European Heritage Label

Postby Aislinn on Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:36 pm

The European Commission has called for submissions on plans to adopt a 'European Heritage Label', to recognise Europe's distinctive cultural heritage and to allow Europe's citizens an opportunity to engage with a shared European identity in a common cultural space.

The Label was established first as an initiative between a number of EU member states:

"with a view to emphasising the European dimension of cultural goods, monuments, memorial sites, and places of remembrance, which all bear witness to Europe’s history and heritage"

and the European Commission is now considering it's adoption as an official EU initiative.

The consultation is open to individual citizens and organisations and in particular stakeholders from national governments, local and regional authorities, international organisations, the European institutions, employers associations and trade unions, civil-society organisations, academics and citizens.

Full Details of the consultation process may be found at: ... 983_en.htm

Closing Date for Submissions: 15 May 2009

Information on the existing European Heritage Label can be found at: ... pdfd/quote]
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