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Submerged Landscapes Archaeological Network

Postby tri on Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:17 am

Hi folks,

This really came out of the discussions around the Blood of the Irish doc in MRs thread but I thought it might be better placed here. A research project entitled the Submerged Landscapes Archaeological Network (SLAN) has been looking at the issue of sea level rise in Ireland and Newfoundland since the end of the last Ice Age with a view to exploring and investigating the ancient coastline which is now beneath the submerged. It is widely acknowledged that the earliest populations in both countries were engaged in maritime subsistence and that the majority of the physical evidence from these cultures that could potentially be recovered archaeologically is now lying beneath the sea bed, miles offshore.

The SLAN project is attempting to date and map this change in sea level to further out understanding of settlement and subsistence patterns in prehistory and it's worth checking the website out if anyone is involved in prehistoric reenactment. They also have a number of downloads and a newsletter that can be subscribed to.

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