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Postby pajo on Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:33 pm

hey guyz, just to let everyone know, for the next TWO DAYZ ONLY, I can get Reindeer skins... they are beautiful, soft skins, for a mere 75€ a pop! They're great quality, and really beautiful colouring...

They're from lapland, and the meat IS used, the deer are killed for food, so they arent just killed for their skins. The guy doing them unfortunatly doesnt do post etc... so I'm willing to pick skins up for ppl if they want them. the ONLY stipulation is CASH ON COLLECTION as I have to pay for them from my own funds!

So, if ya want 1 r 2 r whatever, PHONE me by tuesday morning at the latest. thanks guyz!

my number is 0857155433.

oh, he also has traditonal finnish drinking cups made in birch.. very beautiul - 20€ � a single finger hole and 25€ fo� 2 finger hole. And fire strikes with an antler handle which I cant remember the price of... somewhere between 5 and 15... lol...
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