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Re: Metal MP40 for sale

Postby Na Fianna Éireann on Sat Sep 13, 2008 4:58 pm

mikebie wrote:All metal rare Marushin MP40 plug firer for sale with leather strap and one mag.

Same weight and field strips like the original.

Cost E 1100. No sensible offer refused.


Mike B

Be best to advertise on the Pst forum and on the all island axis reenactment forum , but I do have to say 1100 euros is a tad expensive as they sell for about 300 quid in the uk , stretching it at 350 sterling , thats unless its an mgc 68 mp40 which is worth more . you will find it hard to sell at that price .
Marushin made two MP40 replicas, one is a part metal/part plastic kit which is alright to look at (not too close!) but a bit lightweight and not really recommended, the other is an all-metal replica that is in a different league entirely as it strips, weighs exactly the same, and will take original magazines. It is configured to fire the reusable brass PFC shells so it can certainly 'look' the business. It cannot be converted to blank fire though as the metal, whilst not monkey metal, isn't up to shooting 9mm blanks and the chamber area would probably crack eventually under the pressure.

To my knowledge only MGC and Nakarta made replicas tough enough to convert to Blank fire.

some additional information for you , just in case a prospective buyer asks you about conversions of it into a blank fire . hope this information helps you sell it quicker .
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