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Postby PanzerMeyer on Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:29 pm

Thanks for looking us up and showing interest in our hobby . We reenact German WW2 soldiers , with a special interest in the period June 1944 to the end of the war .At present we have a Waffen SS section , which reenact 1SS Pz. Div LAH and a Fallschirmjager ( Para) section . We were formed in 2002 and are Ireland's Biggest and Only German WW2 Military Vehicle and Reenactment Club. We also have strong ties with two similar clubs in Northern Ireland who share the same hobby as us , Die Gruppe and Schnell Gruppe Nord .In the past we have supported one and others shows through out the island of Ireland and will continue to do so .For more information and details about our club please see our web site , WWW.BATTLEGROUPSOUTH.COM . From time to time we have limited places for new members , so if you feel this hobby is for you contact us .We have years of experience in our field as some of us were in Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers and of course Ireland's Nazis.
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Postby rommel on Thu Apr 24, 2008 4:09 pm

We also have the largest collection of German vehicles both original and post war in the country , We now totla 4 original outfits , BMW and Zundapp , one Zundapp solo , Kubelwagen ,222 armoured recon car, one 2cm Flak gun , one PAK37 , in addition to these we have an immense collection of mounts , stands ,weapons, equipment , communications , radios , ordinance , range finders , mortars both original and pyrotechnic . We keep a gas fire MG42 and MG34 , the gas fire mg 34 being mounted on the 222 armoured car and the recently aquired 42 on a laffette stand . The ammount of other weapons varies from A to Z .see here for some of them on display http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=LJCrN8GG6qA . We have a selection of post war bike outfits then also and some early post war trucks , a borgward B2000 used to pull the flak gunn and 11 men and now we also have a mercedes truck , one used in the film Valkyerie out in may in cinemas.m One of our members was in charge of the vehicle workshops for the film , which stars Tom Cruise as Stauffenburg and the plot to kill hitler . We were able to buy this vehicle through him and will have it in Normandy also this year. Our anual visit to Normandy takes place after Duncannon each year and again we travel with alot of our vehicles around the sights and are this year invited to Carentan to take part in one of the first ever official reenactments in Normandy involving German troops of any kind . This is a reflection on the standard of the club and its members . We maintain a high standard in the club , in regards to uniform and vehicles and all things associated with the club . Anyone who brings discredit to the club or does not tserve the best interests of the club will be put out of the group . We do not want people who are only me fein ers . We work as a group and all we do is for the best interests of the group , hence we are what have become , Irelands biggest and most professional group, biggest membership , biggest ammount of vehicles and one of the biggest shows in Ireland in Duncannon every June weekend . Others may claim to be but we do what it says on the label .... we can back it up . The pictures speak for themselves and the videos tell their own story . We only allow members over 18 , of voting agae who know what they are portraying and are at age of conscience . We will not allow kids or juniors in the group or entertain dressing up kids in ploitical uniforms when they dont know the full implications of what they are doing . We enforce this rule always event hough we have gotten some flak for it over the years . We have done some high profile work such as Who by Fire , and Irelands Nazis which won a golden globe in Hamburg film festival last year . We work with other professional like minded groups from Norhtern ireland such as Die Gruppe and Schnell Gruppe Nord and Frontline .Please visit our website at http://www.battlegroupsouth.com , link button on the right of page or visit our photo gallery on this site under Rommel album
Irelands largest German military vehicle and reenactments group

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