WW1 USA Irishman casualty, grave found.

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WW1 USA Irishman casualty, grave found.

Postby enfieldd on Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:51 pm

OK guys, I am working on remembering a ww1 Irishman from Tipp who fought and died with the American Army, died on the battlefields, and his body was sent home in 1922 and buried in a cemetery without a headstone so he is one of the 60 odd, Irish bodies sent home at that time. A bronze plaque has been made in the USA to put on his grave and is on its way as we speak. The relatives have known his burial location and with a bit of encouragement from their American relatives it has been decided to mark his resting place.
The RBL have offered to attend and they are inviting the American Legion also. What I need are some USA WW1 re-enactors and Germans and British. A representative from American Embassy will be invited also. The ceremony, I suggested, should take place on a Saturday at noon to facilitate anyone travelling. No date has been fixed for this yet. This may all come to something and nothing but this Irish hero has lain in an unmarked grave in a Tipperary cemetery for the last 90 years and now that he is found he should be remembered. I am open to suggestions and advice as how to proceed.
Kind regards.
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