“Battle of the Nations” annual captains’ meeting!

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“Battle of the Nations” annual captains’ meeting!

Postby Natalia_UA on Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:09 pm

On December 9-10 2011 a summit of countries participating in the international festival "Battle of the Nations" will be held in Warsaw. The upcoming meeting will gather captains of the current national teams of different countries, as well as potential participants of the championship. The event promises to be informative and fruitful, since the main issues concerning the festival will be discussed. The main points to be discussed deal with the organizational issues and program of the festival "Battle of the Nations." In addition, captains of the national teams, as well as all interested participants will be able to discuss the common international rules of the historical medieval battle in details, ask questions and propose constructive suggestions.
The summit of the participating countries is a traditional and necessary event, which helps to solve disputable issues and to attract people, who are not indifferent to the unique and spectacular sport.
Press conference with the participation of the team captains, members of the national teams and fighters from different countries is scheduled for December 9, 12:00. Sportsmen willing to deal with the formation of new national teams are welcome at the summit. In addition, everyone willing to take part in the preparation of the festival "Battle of the Nations", as well as the development and promotion of the new fascinating sport are invited to the press conference.
The meeting promises to be a productive and interesting not only for those who will be involved in the fighting directly, but for those interested in the latest innovations concerning historical medieval battle.
After an open press conference a closed meeting for captains of the national teams will be held, where they will discuss strategically important issues, directly related to the sporting component of the large international festival.
The third world championship on the historical medieval battle will take place in early May 2012. The number of participating national teams, as well as more detailed information about "Battle of the Nations 2012" will be available soon after the summit.
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Re: “Battle of the Nations” annual captains’ meeting!

Postby brendan on Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:08 am

I look forward to hearing about the next installment!
I saw some of the video footage and it looks amazing.
I would really love to get there and see the event in 2012...I may need to start planning soon
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