Drumadoon Souterrain Ware pottery

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Drumadoon Souterrain Ware pottery

Postby oldrat on Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:23 pm

Hi all
today i download and read "Excavation of a rath with later medieval occupation at Drumadoon, Co. Antrim". author suggest that there are four basic Souterrain Ware pottery vessel types:
A. Small (rim diameter up to 16cm), in-turning bowls with rounded rims.
B. Small (rim diameter up to 16cm), out-turning bowls with flared rims
(see Pl. V, from the main paper).
C. Larger (rim diameters from 20 to 27cms) vessels, possibly with mostly
inverted rims.
D. Very large (rim diameters above 27cms), straight-sided vessels with
slightly flaring necks and possibly inverted and pointed rims.
how to draw a C and D types?I can not imagine how they looked(
please help :roll:
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