Fun With Genealogy

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Fun With Genealogy

Postby finnobreanan on Tue May 10, 2011 4:11 am

So, here's the story: as most of my friends on the Irish Living History discussian board know, my user name is Finn O' Breanan (in honor of my mother Rose Mary Brennan and my Brennan ancestors), and Finn is abreviated for my white legs!

While researching my English ancestors, the Wearren family, I was able to trace them to the De Wearrens of England. William De Wearren married Maude Marshall, the Granddaughter of Aoife MacMurchada. Her husband was "Strongbow" Ricard De Clare, but her father was of course Diarmait MacMurchada.

So, here's the real irony...Diarmait's mother's name was Orlaith Ingen O' Braenain! It took almost 900 years, but the family is possibly reunited! (In one crazy Irish-American!)

I just thought it was bizarre! :lol:
Finn O'Breanan
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