Great food book..

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Great food book..

Postby the_power on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:29 pm

This is the book which had Darren and Lynn fascinated this weekend in Craggaunnowen.... "On Food And Cooking: The Science And Lore Of The Kitchen". ... 693&sr=8-1

It's a magnificent book, every page has something special, and it can really enhance your view on ancient foods. The first 75 pages are all about milk, which makes it a wonderful resource for Irish reenactors :)

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Re: Great food book..

Postby Nerva on Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:36 pm

Hummph! Why didn't anybody show me this book? Why does everybody assume that all we ate was dry bread and vinegar wine??? We liked our food too, when we were not killing those who made it :D I'm off to find a copy and enrich the pallet of my fellow milites!

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Re: Great food book..

Postby Andrea L Redden on Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:00 am

Recipe for Nerva:

Apicius 8.6.4. Roast lamb or kid: to cook a goat: when you have cooked it in some liquamen and oil, make an incision in the skin and pour on pepper, laser, liquamen, and a little oil. You can also roast it on a gridiron; brush it with the same sauce, sprinkle with pepper and serve.
1Kg / 250gr lamb or goat spare ribs or cutlets
80ml / 1Tab liquamen [fish sauce, Poonsin brand - mild]
1tsp / 1/4tsp pepper
1tsp / 1/4tsp laser [asafoetida]
? olive oil
Mix liquamen, pepper and laser and brush on lamb/goat. Oil a pan or BBQ and heat. Cook lamb/goat and serve.

If you can’t get Poonsin brand, which seems to be a lot milder that the other Asian fish sauces I’ve come across, you’ll need to adjust the ratio or dilute it. Extremely yummy. Used it for a Cena I ran in late May. Would be relatively easy to cook for lunch at a display.

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