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Postby michaelcarragher on Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:14 pm

I am interested in the use by both sides of motorcycle mounted despatch riders in the Easter Rising--and indeed on the general use of motorcycles by combatants at that time and following.

The British were forced to fall back on DRs because of lack of security on the wires after the rebels took the GPO. Any details of these men (or indeed women)?

Even more so, any details on rebel DRs? These seem to have been mostly bicycle-mounted but Mrs Norway reports on one serviceable motorcycle being found in the GPO after the rising had been put down. Any more details on this? Or any other rebel motorcycles?

Motorcycle DRs brought news of the rising to Enniscorthy and to Cork; I assume Maria Perloz took the train to Cork and then rode her bike? Again, does anyone have details or likely sources?

And the North Dublin Fifth Battalion may owe much of its success to its being rapidly deployable on bicycles, and with Ashe being motorcycle mounted able to pick targets of opportunity.

Any assistance will be most welcome.

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