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Postby museumtom on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:45 am

Many thanks to Emmet and Justin for their hospitality and congratulations on another very successful weekend. A bit of rain late on the Saturday evening was the only dark cloud in the skies the whole time. Great crowds on Saturday and on Sunday afternoon the queue stretched back to the pub on the beach. I left my camera at home so have no pictures but I am assured a link to a slide show of the events and displays will be posted shortly. From what I hear Leopardstown also was a great success. These are the shows we have been looking forward to during the bleak winter and they have not let us down.
Well done to all the organiser's, participants and the public at both shows that made this weekend great. The only bad thing that happened all weekend was I was shot in the back by a priest in the moat while one 'tan' fecked off after being captured. You just can't trust the 'tans'.
Now back to bed to recouperate.
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