Cork Fair Today

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Cork Fair Today

Postby museumtom on Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:49 pm

The fair today in Cork.
There was a great selection of stuff as usual in the ballroom of the Metropole. Bargain of the day that I could see was a Vickers helmet and liner for 100 smackers and the dearest was a 1966 survivors medal for 10.500 smackers. If I only had the money…. I got lots of information on leatherworking, i.e. how to make leather helmets, tan hide, stitch, sew, rivet, stiffen, soften, and cut leather. The Romans were gambling all day, and lots of drachma was lost and won again. I also learned how to string a medieval bow made from an ash. I could have bought medieval buckles, iron knives, pincers, helmets etc at reasonable prices. There were items from all armies and conflicts and the atmosphere was friendly and cordial. I do not know how much was the entrance at the door as I had a table inside. I sold a book and a couple of caps. I had a Victorian Leinster Regiment swagger stick for sale for an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE!!!!! That did not sell. I can’t understand that. I must be losing my touch.
The wife and daughter came back from the Cork shops. They had a much more successful shopping spree than I had. There were dealers there from the UK and Northern Ireland and some had a bargain basement type of section like where I bought me braces. I spent a fiver and they spent more. Unlike some the fairs of the past it was hard to leave as the conversation and company was very enjoyable. I have been promised that cloth insignia for ww1 British and German uniforms for re-enactors are on the way from Garys contacts in Haiti. Oreste Cassoni was also in attendance with a ww2 crashed American B17 Flying fortress bomber from Monte Cassino spread out on a small table. They don’t make aeroplanes like they used to.
Anyway enough drivel from me, it was a most enjoyable day.
Enjoy the pictures. Thank you to Gary, Martin and all concerned, a great day.
Tom. ... 2_4878.jpg ... 2_4877.jpg ... 2_4876.jpg ... 2_4875.jpg ... 2_4874.jpg ... 2_4873.jpg ... 2_4872.jpg ... 2_4871.jpg ... 2_4870.jpg ... 2_4869.jpg ... 2_4868.jpg ... 2_4867.jpg ... 2_4866.jpg ... 2_4865.jpg ... 2_4864.jpg ... 2_4863.jpg ... 2_4862.jpg ... 2_4861.jpg ... 2_4860.jpg ... 2_4859.jpg ... 2_4858.jpg ... 2_4857.jpg ... 2_4856.jpg ... 2_4855.jpg ... 2_4854.jpg ... 2_4853.jpg ... 2_4852.jpg ... 2_4851.jpg ... 2_4850.jpg ... 2_4849.jpg ... 2_4848.jpg ... 2_4847.jpg
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Re: Cork Fair Today

Postby Nerva on Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:57 pm

Hi Tom,

Great post, thanks very much. It was a good ol' day. I managed to pick up a fantastic 1/32nd scale model of an FW-190D-9 for myself from Paul (Thanks again Paul :!: ) We'll start planning for the next one shortly and will post the date as soon as it's agreed.

Thanks again Tom and to all those who attended,


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