British tribute to German dead, 1928.

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British tribute to German dead, 1928.

Postby museumtom on Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:32 am

British tribute to German dead, 1928.
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Re: British tribute to German dead, 1928.

Postby michaelcarragher on Sat May 29, 2010 1:09 pm

This would not have been entirely unusual. Though often overstated, empathy with the enemy was felt by the PBI, whose ire was frequently directed against their own politicians and profiteers. Such sentiments can be found in some of the poetry of "Mad Jack" Sassoon, an inveterate trench raider, and is well put by Ewart Alan Mackintosh when he writes of "Shiver[ing] in the morning dew / More poor devils like yourselves / Waiting to be killed by you". Veteran Sidney Rogerson dedicated one of his books to "Our friend the enemy".
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