Gall Gael Celtic Viking Festival

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Gall Gael Celtic Viking Festival

Postby sweeney-viking on Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:43 pm

Hello Folks
Hope you all had a good Yule and New Year.
We have just received confirmation on a little gig we are working on. The date we've been given is 30th May and the venue is Magnus Barelegs grave just outside Downpatrick N.I. There was a gig there last year but it was more of a send off party for Matt and Karen before they went back to Norway.
The advertising and so on will be starting soon and its on a bank holiday weekend so hopefully we can pull a reasonable crowd.
at the minute it is only a one day event for the public but the site is so cool we thought we'd maybe start on Friday and enjoy ourselves for a day before they arrive. Anyways, when we get a bit further on in the development we'll keep you all posted.
Thanks for reading and looking forward to catching up with you all in the new season.
Gall Gael
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Re: Gall Gael Celtic Viking Festival

Postby Matt on Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:57 pm

Hi Connor, great to hear the site is being used again, a fantastic setting with a historical context. Good luck with the gig.

Here is a link to some pictures from last year:

And I found this Video of the Magnus Vikings there a few years ago:

Enjoy! Matt
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Re: Gall Gael Celtic Viking Festival

Postby clan_primeval on Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:49 pm

Hail All,

The Gall Gael are organising a photo shoot to promote this event, it will take place in a couple of weeks time. Any reenactors who would like to take part can contact connor or myself via this website or email me at for more information. at this time the location we have in mind is Inch Abbey in Downpatrick (Plundered in 1002 by the Vikings, led by Sitric, The Danish King). again anyone, Viks or Celts are welcome to take part. We will also be holding some training weekends at the Magnus site, I will be posting more on this shortly.

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