Archery in Reenactment

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Archery in Reenactment

Postby ssgtduane on Tue Jan 26, 2010 10:06 pm

Wasnt sure where to post this but anyway here I go:)

Had the idea of Achery over the last while and it really has been nagging at my mind as do things related to reenacting :D . So I decided that here might be a good place to start looking since I would like to relate Archery partialy back to reenacting. Now i've read and watched a couple of tutorials so the basic technique is in my mind and the safety is familar to me through shooting muskets. So would I like to know where I might be able to begin, like maybe a beginners course and the question if archery is very demanding.

Thanks in advance for your help:):)

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Re: Archery in Reenactment

Postby brendan on Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:04 am

it is possible to do 'bare bow' archery in the context of an IAAA archery club (AFAIK), however I am not sure how many of them facilitate it. PM Azure for info on that. This is primarily about target archery.

In terms of purely reenactment archery, there are a few groups around the country. I just realised that I cant remember the names of all of the groups involved in this end of the hobby so will chicken out on that front - a few post here. As I understand it the big difference here is that these groups a) Do field archery i.e. not just static targets b) Have some level of link to reenactment. Members of those groups would probably give you a better indication on the extent to which they attend reenactment gigs.

PS> I expect to be corrected a bit on some of what I have said
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Re: Archery in Reenactment

Postby nathan on Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:33 pm

the way i learned to do it and be safe was going to an archery club two nights a week with my longbow for about two years and then spending all sunday with my friend doing reenactment archery with each other i put in a hell of a lot of work at it and would call myself competent now. very few iaaa clubs do any trad archery i was asked to go to a competition with my club before as nobody else turned up for the longbow section :o
i dont really know many groups doing much of it as it needs lots of space and does not appear at many shows i have seen anyways.
it takes so much getting used to and being safe though and there are countless little things that can change how you shoot etc i could list for a good while its a tricky one but shooting a bow and anything else are a world apart and as you get used to bows they will all feel different.
i had the pleasure of being very good friends for my entire life and being in the same clubs as the Irish bare bow champ currently still reigning his nephew and predecessor and his niece on the Irish Olympic team they were all amazing at what they do but couldn't help at all with my archery so as i said its a tough one.
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