Killery Coat once again (am I being a bugger? :P)

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Killery Coat once again (am I being a bugger? :P)

Postby carraig on Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:09 pm

Hello again, folks, haven't been here for a while :)

After remembering the grand discussion on the subject of coats from Killery and Leigh, I've decided to try my skills and make one myself. Therefore I have a few questions about it's construction.

- The back. All I have are a couple of low quality photos from Dunlevy as well as some replica photos. So I can't see exactly whether there's a back seam or not. Another thing - the skirts. The fullness is achieved by inserting gores. And there's an opening between the back gores, however the Killery coat is a tad tattered at the back, so I'm not sure if the opening is just a flaw or a deliberate choice. How did you, folks interpret it?

-The sleeves - as far as I can see, they're made from single pieces with back seams, virtually being buttoned. Am I right or is it my damn poor sight again?

- The number of gores - I'd judge them as six altogether, two in the back, two at each side - yes?

- The collar. Leigh coat sports a dashing pinked standing one, however I'd like to go for the Killery option, whose collar is, unfortunately, a waste. Any suggestions? Should I make a cross-breed between the two coats and add a Leigh collar to a Killery coat, or maybe there is a solution more true to the original.

That's it for my questions. now a bit of a rant. I've been thinking about the wretched piece of attire intensively. Last time we've agreed on it being rather 17th c. -ish, perhaps an early one, when the leine could be still in use (therefore the sleeve openings) or a late one, trying to imitate a greatcoat or justacorps with somewhat out-of-date techniques. However, what about a possibility for it to be late medieval, perhaps the same period as the Moy gown, maybe a little later (so let's say 14th-15th c.)? Both have buttoned sleeves, and some of the construction techniques of the coat reminds of a medieval cote or even Moselund tunic. Other garments from the Killery bog find are things well known in medieval times, both being thoroughly described by Giraldus. Any thoughts?
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