Battle of the Flags 2010

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Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby Aodhán on Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:22 pm

Battle of the flags will take place on the 30th of January, 2010.

It will once again be held in the lower grounds of UCC, we expect.

Registration taken on the Friday night in UCC's old bar 9pm-2am and Saturday morning 10 am onwards.

There will be a safety check for all participants an 11am. And we will hopefully kick off at 12pm.

No preset teams this year. All teams will be made out on the day in a fair and impartial manner by experience level and "armoured" level.

Anyone who needs information for accomodation let me know and I can send you a list of B&B's, hostels, etc.

Full rules list in the next post.

Hope to see you all there.
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Re: Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby Aodhán on Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:23 pm

So here is the list of rules. Please note that these are susceptible to change.

Battle of the Flags Rules

Periods Allowed:
Bronze Age - World War 2


Any sharp edged weapon. (all will be inspected before the event)

Any weapons with spikes or sharp points.

Projectiles of any form,

Black Powder weapons,



Morning stars,



Or any weapon that can be categorised as part of the above as dictated by the marshalls.

The decision of the Marshall is final.

If you are not sure as to whether or not your weapon falls under these headings, please contact us in advance or else bring secondary weapons

Anything befitting period portrayed. No nudity allowed.

Underwear for those without pants is strongly recommended.


High grip footwear is required, modern footwear is allowable.

Shoes with no grip (smooth soles) such as leather sole re-enactment shoes are unsuitible for this event and are hence not recommended.


Hand protection is mandatory. Participants will not be allowed on the field without minimal hand protection of welding gloves.

Head protection is strongly recommended, especially for close range combatants.

Chest protection is recommended for everyone (especially women).

Groin protection is recommended for men.


No-one under the age of 17 is allowed participate in combat.

Rules of the Game:

1. Each team will be allocated a flag and a base.

2. When a flag is captured points are only awarded for the flag when any team member successfully deposits a flag of any colour other than his/her own team colour with a Judge.

Captured flags can subsequently be captured by an opposing team at any time before it reaches the Judge's 'safe zone'.

3. 1 flag = 1 point for the team who presents it, no penalty will be incurred for the team whose flag was captured. 10 bonus points will be awarded to a team for each full set of flags they have collected throughout the day.

4. Any member of a team can pick up and/or protect their own team's flag.
One member of a team must be in possession of their own team's flag at any given time.

5. If any member dies in combat whilst holding the flag, they are not allowed to obstruct an enemy from picking up said flag, i.e. lying/standing on the flag or throwing the flag to another team member.

6. When a combatant is killed they must return to their base.

7. Killed team members can return to the battle once:
i) Their team flag has been captured and collected from the Judge
ii) All members of the team are assembled in the team base.

This is the only way a captured flag may return to the field.
The flag must be returned to the base before all team members can be considered alive again.

8. No team may score a point unless their own flag is on the field (Not in a base, or with a Judge).

9. A team's flag once captured may be re-captured by the owning team with no penalty incurred so long as it has not been presented to the Judges for the point.

10. Threathening the Marshalls/Judges is not acceptable. Their decision is final.

11. All armoured persons (only chainmail and steel plate count as armour) are dead after 2 hits to a kill zone area.

All unarmoured persons (anyone not wearing steel armour), are dead after 1 hit to a kill zone.

(A marshall will judge at the beginning of combat whether your level of armour entitles you to two-hits).

12. Kill zones are classified as: From below the collarbone to above the knees, and the upperarm from above elbow to start of shoulder. All other areas are not counted. Groin shots are not counted as kills.

Absolutely no head shots

– Anyone using head shots will spend 2 cycles of their flag being captured in the sin bin (i.e. they are not allowed to take part).

13. Back shots are only allowed under 3 conditions. They are as follows:

(i) When a sword is used to slice across the back from a frontal or side attack. The person must see you for this to count.

(ii) When coming from behind, only "safe" back shots are allowed. i.e. resting your weapon across your opponents back rather than landing a kill shot. Yelling "from behind" is no longer necessary. (People who don't keep checking behind them during a battle deserved to be killed )

This counts as the 2 hits required to kill an armoured person where necessary.

(iii) The person being attacked from behind must not be engaged in combat. (i.e. No sneaking up behind someone in a fight)

14. No Slip Shots/Snooker Queueing of any description. (A good rule of thumb for this being do not bring your hands closer than waist distance when fighting with two-handed spear)

15. No wrestling or grappling.

16. If you get hit, be gracious and take your kills. Sportsmanship is highly valued in re-enactment. All unsportsmenlike acts are subject to penalties, as well as being talked about in the pub.

17. Any disputes should be brought to the attention of a marshal for mediation.

* In the event of a tie:

Tied teams will be asked to fight each other face on. The winner is the team who has the last man standing.

** The 8 hour rule will apply. if you plan to fight at 12pm stop drinking by 4am, etc.
(This includes all mind altering sustances.)

A possible rule change for this year would be that, instead of having a melee, teams would square off one on one and fight it out like that. Right now we plan to use this rule, if anyone has strong cause for complaint we'll reconsider it.
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Re: Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby knightofredemption on Sat Dec 05, 2009 6:59 pm

Whatever happened to the 12 hour rule? Even that was not enough for some of the heavier drinkers of my acquaintance....just curious.

Good luck with the event anyway. I remember loads of fun with the sadly defunct Society of Knights at a similar event some years ago.
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Re: Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby the_power on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:05 pm

It's wonderful to see rule 7ii - you can reform a team if everyone heads back to base. It makes the flow a little better.

It'd also be great if we had a rule like 'if you take a kill shot, look like you die, until the action moves on'. It'd make it look much better for spectators. But I'm sure it'd be a safety problem. Brendan took almost an hour of video last year, and there wasn't one video worth putting up on Youtube, which was a shame.

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Re: Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby scribe on Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:46 pm

Great to see its on again this year. Looking forward to it.
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Re: Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby Nerva on Sat Dec 05, 2009 11:09 pm

Salvete Omnes!

Excellent, a great start to the season :D



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Re: Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby Jess de Búrca Monty on Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:39 pm

Make sure to sharpen your elbows as I will have some bargains with me.
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Re: Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby brendan on Sun Dec 06, 2009 11:47 pm

cool that this is happening again
couple of comments:
- Taking kills. Personally I prefer a system where individual fights are resolved by a 'clean' kill - even if this is of the 'sneaky' kind. As they stand the rules encourage light taps rather than committing to a fight. What to do once killed should be addressed, obviously the ground may be wet so expecting people to fall on it may be problematic, but maybe something could be done to make it more aesthetically pleasing
- Armour. Do the 2 points apply to a) An entire session between flags being returned to base. b) A combat between 2 teams (and what if a 3rd gets involved) c) a specific 'clash' of intense combat with the hits coming from a single/multiple opponents?...the reason I ask for this detail is that the current rule structure does not really justify the weight carried (in terms of the competition).
- Team fighting. I see two problems with the proposed rule change:
    - some people are more interested in having a bunch of individual bashes and have little interest in the actual outcome of the competition. These people do tend to drift away from the team Vs team and 'find their fight'...obviously not the purpose of the competition but if it does happen it is not clear how the rule change will deal with it
    - 'No alliances' has long been an ignored rule. Once the teams are out there and in play how are they to be stopped from this sort of thing and sneaking up on a combat etc? The idea is good, but I am not sure about its implementation

Anyway, these comments reflect my preferences etc but its your competition.

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Re: Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby Aodhán on Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:53 pm

Well first a slight change - we now are more likely to hold it on the 23rd of January. If you object, it's not too big a deal to change it back to the 30th.

Brendan: for taking kills it's hard really to do much. It would be nice to be aesthetically pleasing, but we don't expect too many spectators so this is really just for fun, and falling in wet ground is pretty unpleasant. As well, falling there would make reforming the teams trickier, since people'd have to go and gather up all members from the ground before it could happen.

For Armour, we'll clarify this for certain later but I would be happier if it was just for when 2 teams were clashing. The committee will discuss it and we'll decide for certain what the story will be.

The points raised about the team fighting are going to have to be looked at. Obviously if people want to wander off and have a scrap with someone that's up to them, this is just for fun after all, so if people want to do that they certainly can. We'll clarify the rules later, but for now I'd say if people are fighting alone, teams should probably leave them alone, as if they were each a separate team.

The only real way to punish them is by taking off points. It will be up to individual teams to tell the marshalls if they see this, since that's really the only way to do it. As always, we'll be relying on people wanting to not be a-holes for the most part.

It's great to see enthusiasm as usual for the project, though!
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Re: Battle of the Flags 2010

Postby brendan on Mon Dec 07, 2009 6:04 pm

OK, thanks for the answers
I wont be able to make the previous weekend, which is a pity, but hope it works out well

For the taking kills, I think that dropping to 1 knee or some such might work - sometimes it is hard to figure out who is alive/dead as a clash proceeds (Of course people could always go invisible by putting hand in air :D )
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