Magnus Barelegs Festival 2009 Battleplan

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Magnus Barelegs Festival 2009 Battleplan

Postby sweeney-viking on Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:54 pm

Hi Folks
For any of you who I dont have direct contact with and are attending the festival this year heres what we're planning on doing for the battle.
Hope to see some of you in a couple of weeks.

Magnus Barelegs Viking Festival 2009

Battle Plan

The viking army should be mostly shield and short weapon armed where as the irish should be predominantly spear armed. All of the archers will start on the irish side.

-The Irish warriors and archers muster in the village with helmets, shields, bows etc. to hand but not worn or carried.

-Two of the young irish boys will run into the village shouting that the vikings have landed.

-The Irish tool up and run off into the forest at the top right hand corner of the field. Where they wait, out of sight of the public in the main field, until its time to come back on. With the exception of the Carrick Free Company who remain to guard the village. Some of them taking their firing positions on the wall.

-Vikings muster at the stone wall on the way to the camp site hidden in the forest.

-Women and children muster in the village, gates open. Some of the women working outside the walls.

-When they see the Irish warriors leave, to the sound of a war drum, the vikings break cover of the forest in skirmsh formation and move onto the battlefield. The Irish women outside scream and run into the village. All the archers take their places.

-The Vikings quickly form shield wall and begin their advance, forming to receive the first volley at 75 yards. Another 15yard advance before reforming to receive another volley. Repeat a third, forth and fifth time, Leaving the Vikings approx. 15 yards from the walls.

- Magnus offers the archers cash to join his side and let him enter the village without a fight.

- The archers accept (not all of them have to turn coat, but those that dont will be killed by their comrades).

-The Irish women run out armed with household impliments attacking the vikings, allowing the children to make a run for it towards the top right hand corner of the field (where the Irish army are hidden) chased for 10 or 15 paces by a couple of Vikings.

-The subdued Irish women are dragged back into the village and the doors are closed.

-To a chorus of horns the Irish warriors and archers emerge from the forest and march onto the battle field forming up their battle line close to the centre with the archers a safe distance behind. They taunt the vikings to come out and fight.

- The vikings march out in column of twos behind their banner and form up their shield wall approximately 20yards from the irish. Carrick Free Company can again take to the walls, this time as vikings.

-After some banter between Magnus and the Irish Chieftain and maybe a good champion fight that ends in a double kill the two lines clash and counter archery fire commences.

-The Irish are pushed back by the shield wall and mount a fighting retreat before reforming.

-The vikings show restraint and dont break shield wall formation.

-The Irish hold towards the left of the field and begin to push the Vikings back towards the centre.

-The Vikings retreat in good order and the Irish follow forming their line about 20 yards from Viking shield wall.

-Banter between the two generals of the opposing sides.

-3 champion fights(free fights, no set winner), one after the other, lots of cheering and shield bashing( drums and horns etc).

-2 quick clashes. not taking kills.

-Magnus reforms the Vikings into boarsnout and attempts to break the Irish line.

-Irish open formation and surround the Viking Army.

-The vikings try to break out and run in all directions so the fight spreads across the field, with the exception of Magnus and his personal guard who hold in the centre.

-When the rest of the vikings are taken care of the remaining Irish surround Magnus and his guard.

-All Vikings killed save Magnus.

-Magnus beheaded infront of crowd.

-Dead arise.
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Re: Magnus Barelegs Festival 2009 Battleplan

Postby rainsfordryan on Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:29 pm

Hi, where and when is this?
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Re: Magnus Barelegs Festival 2009 Battleplan

Postby the_power on Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:14 am

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Re: Magnus Barelegs Festival 2009 Battleplan

Postby Ethereal Dreamer on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:21 pm

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That just sounds like so much fun! :lol:
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