Being "Too PC" ?

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Re: Being "Too PC" ?

Postby knightofredemption on Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:33 pm

It depends on the display, we take the opportunity to break down elements of our display for the audience at the end of the fight, giving them an opportunity to see how a sword fight is choreographed. We also show the difference between a choreographed routine and the short and vicious nature of the real thing. That way the show becomes part of the education we do at our tent and weapons display. Something that the WWII guys at the Hillsborough show said they were going to try and include in their displays next year.
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Re: Being "Too PC" ?

Postby speirs on Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:57 pm

at all the shows we do we invite the public to look at all the various kit we have and explain the different items from weapons to soap holders anything the units we protray would have had at the time.

after the battles our stand is still manned and stuff is displayed and explained to the piublic. you should see the faces on some when doc shows some of the medical stuff and explains what they are for.

people always love to have their photos taken in the vehicles wearing spare kit.
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Re: Being "Too PC" ?

Postby Tychsen on Thu Sep 25, 2008 8:05 pm

I can imagine imagine Speirs - I have seen members of the public take a great deal of interest in items ranging from the mundane to the slightly exoctic , and as I have said many are pretty well read in terms of what they are looking at and the comments and questions asked are often quite searching,
In many respects this is one reason why what we say , what we do and how we do it should be above and beyond any question or mis intrepretation.
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Re: Being "Too PC" ?

Postby Tychsen on Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:17 pm

Sorry for the long time away - busy with several different things some "hobby" and most unrelated to this "melarky" .
Having reread what I posted I would first apologise for the typo errors of which I frequently an habitual offender. :oops:

I had hoped that there might have been input from other 20th Century outfit but sadly it didn't happen , one can but extend a hand and keep the door open.

The meeting in LImerick - I will see if things work for that - basically we may all do different things but we all do similar things - dress and props are all that is different , any other differences we make ourselves - and on that I have said more than enough.

As far as my own area of history goes I still believe that it has to be approached in a reasonable and thoughtful manner , responsibility is a word which springs to mind - we have responsibilities which go beyond what we do , want to do or feel we have an unimpeachable right to do.
I believe that apart from getting the "kit right" , we have to discharge pur responsibility to get the history right and to present it in a reasonable and if required a sensitive manner which respects past generations , those who see what we do and ourseleves who take on to do it - "ethics" if you like.

Anyone can dress up - its easy - no special skill involved - basing what you do in a reasonable and accurate representation of the past is what takes the skill - we all talk about living history but how good are we actually at it ?
I read the thread how "can we make Irish reenacting better" - it starts with looking at what we do , how we do it ,why we do it and how it is percieved by others.
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