Medieval Ireland The Barryscourt Lectures I-X

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Medieval Ireland The Barryscourt Lectures I-X

Postby finnobreanan on Mon May 12, 2008 5:28 pm

I'm moving my post to Late Medieval since much of it pertains to this time period. Although Barryscourt was built in the 1500s, the lectures deal heavily with the Norman period.

After visiting Barryscourt Castle last year, I became intrigued with it's history. I was pleased to find that they had published a combined volume of ten lectures presented there in 1996. I just completed the book and much of the subjects cover the time period after the Norman Invasion. The book sells for about 42 Euro in Ireland. The lectures deal with aspects of medieval history, archaeology, art and architecture, and are presented by scholars specialising in the period. I highly recommend it.
You can also purchase the individual lectures seperately. I was able to get the full series in hardback through "Read Ireland" ... 2&sr=0&x=x

The second set of ten additional lectures is supposed to come out in the near future, but I haven't heard a date.
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