Leatherwork for all re-enactors.

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Leatherwork for all re-enactors.

Postby museumtom on Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:12 pm

I see some of the lads in ww1 and ww2 have problems with Sam Browne belts that need to be modified to fit the modern man. I managed to modify two such Sam Browns but would love to learn to do it properly and with more expertise. Would any of the pre-1900 re-enactors-living historians be willing to give us modernies a few lessons on leathercraft, rivetting, buckling, sewing, cutting, measuring, punching dyeing etc of leather items at the Curragh, Duncannon or Salute? Those interested in such an undertaking would have six months and more to collect tools and other leather essentials beforehand.
Hows about it guys and gals? the Viking/druids/HibernoCelts/Romans etc teaching us a thing or two? The first thing we need is someone wiling to show us, the second is where to source raw materials. I could see an interest in making frogs, belts, braces, 5 pocket bandoliers, ww1 pattern SMLE slings, gaitors, and of course the 1914 pattern British leather rig. These cold dark nights in front of the fire are ideal for such projects and better than tossing ones dosh over a bar counter.
Kind regards and Merry Christmas to everyone.
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Re: Leatherwork for all re-enactors.

Postby Jess de Búrca Monty on Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:31 pm

Hi Tom,
There quite a few who could offer you some help with your quest. I would advise that you pm (Swifty) Dave Swift of Claíomh & BGS, he makes alot of leather goods and crosses the time divide in so far as he is an archaeologist and re-enacts Viking, C16th, WWII and a few bits inbetween and makes most if not all his own leather stuff.


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