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Joint Training - OZ

PostPosted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:23 pm
by Andrea L Redden
Our branch hosted the NVG's Victorian joint training this weekend just gone. It shuttles between us and Antioch in Ballarat every 2 months because it's extremely rare for anybody from the other 4 Victorian branches to show. They certainly don't do it on any regular basis. There's usually 2-6 of our guys and another 2-6 from Antioch plus associated observers and children, rarely more than 8 fighters on the field. We had an unheard of turnout last weekend though, there were 20 fighters all up and 4 out of the 6 branches represented plus the Normans from the Conroi de Bohon. :shock: We sent them a specific invitation as they're one of the few groups who do a lot of 1H spear and shield work and our guys do as well. Two of our qualified fighters were out with some nasty stomach bug unfortunately, although Barry dropped by to watch for a while (Note to self: KILL BARRY! :evil: James & I have been sick as dogs all day.). James, Jack and Paul had a good time. Our latest recruits did some basic stuff to the side.

I've put some photos up in the "Joint Training" albums under "Gallery" on the NVG website if anybody's interested in seeing what the Aussies do.