Sword and Buckler Seminar Easter Monday 9th April

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Sword and Buckler Seminar Easter Monday 9th April

Postby brendan on Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:47 pm

Sword and Buckler is a significant weapon combination in the Western Martial Arts tradition in which both sword and buckler have clearly offensive roles.
The event image
I33 First PAge.jpg
I33 First PAge.jpg (660.3 KiB) Viewed 2796 times
is a copy (and copyright free!) of one of the images from the Manuscript known as I:33. This manuscript is one of the best known references on the subject and is full of advanced techniques.

This workshop does not promise mastery. It offers an introduction to the basic skills that are required by anyone intending to use sword and buckler. If you already have some experience with these weapons this should help you towards the next level or fill in gaps.

I will be running the course with some help from others. If it works out there will be others. For the moment we will stick with home grown talent and bring in world class experts once we have enough people with a grasp of the basics.

This is at short notice but has been selected to avail of time and facilities for the Easter Bank Holiday Monday.

More details are pending but should be in place within the next day or so. These include:
Cost for course: €30
Location: Ballymun Trinity Comprehensive Sports Hall. Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin 9. There,s ample car parking, showers, changing room, on bus route 4, 4A, 13, 13A, 17A(Dublin Bus)
Syllabus to be covered: Basics of Sword and Buckler with a focus on 'Half Shield' as a starting point
This is a sword and buckler workshop. The essential equipment is a sword and a buckler. You can come along to practice purely the sword aspect, but the syllabus will not be adapted. Some training equipment may be available to borrow, but please ask in advance as we cannot guarantee it on the day.
  • Wood/Nylon practice swords are acceptable. The Knight Shop synthetic wasters are of sufficient quality for this seminar as we will not focus on binds. http://www.theknightshop.co.uk/catalog/hema-synthetic-waster-sparring-swords-c-857_563_573.html?osCsid=844a6db5455ebee9adba0ae61b0d3363 .
  • Single handed blunted Metal Reenactment blades. There are a large number of suppliers. A caution here is that the types of sword depicted in MS I:33 are very light and fast. You may be able to manage the moves with a Viking blade but the balance and weight will make it awkward.
  • The system is designed for straight edged weapons. Curved edged weapons will not work correctly.
  • Sharp weapons of any form are unacceptable.
A buckler is not a shield (though it can serve that function). Small and light is better than big and heavy.
There are a number of suppliers but the Knight shop is reliable and quick. Go for the lightest shield of the size you want. http://www.theknightshop.co.uk/catalog/hema-bucklers-c-857_563_808.html?osCsid=844a6db5455ebee9adba0ae61b0d3363
Hand Protection
In I:33 the hands are a key target. You will be hit on the hands and forearm. While the training exercises will be structured towards less than full speed/impact you should prepare for this. All participants must have some form of hand protection.
  • Welding gloves. These provide minimal protection and do lesson control of the sword. You are better with a more fitted glove but these will provide some protection.
  • Escrima or Lacross gloves provide better protection - they are not suited for reenactment/display but are better for this type of training.
  • Heavier reeanctment gauntlets will give the protection but may slow you down.
Head Protection
The second major target in the I:33 tradition is the head. To practice the strikes correctly you will be aiming for the head.
A lot of the training will involve slow speed drills. Theoretically it is possible to participate without full head protection but this will limit the options of what techniques you can do.
  • A simple padded cloth coif or steel helm should suffice for a lot of the techniques.
  • A fencing mask is essential if you want to try all the techniques possible under this system. Not having one shouldn't stop you attending.
Please Contact me with any enquiries

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