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Viking House Survey

PostPosted: Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:11 pm
by vikinghousesurvey
Hi everyone,

I am a researcher at UCD School of Archaeology, currently working on my PhD entitled "Norse Houses in Ireland and Western Britain, AD800-1100, A Social Archaeology of Dwellings, Ethnicity and Cultural Identity".

Essentially, I am looking at the archaeology of Norse houses from the Viking Age as a reflection of cultural and social identity. As part of this, I am interested in how longhouses actually worked as places to live in. I am hoping to build up a collection of information from Viking Age re-enactors about their experiences of spending time in Viking Age house reconstructions and/or your thoughts on what life might have been like in a longhouse, or a house from a Viking town (such as Dublin, Hedeby, York, etc), or even thoughts from staying in Viking tents at re-enactment festivals!

The survey is available online here
and I would appreciate it if you could fill this in and press the submit button at the end of the page to send your responses to me.

Thanks to you all for your help in advance of this, and please get in touch with me at if you've any questions or ideas or thoughts for me about Viking houses!

Rebecca Boyd

(Many thanks to John for his help, much appreciated!)

PhD Researcher
UCD School of Archaeology