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Introduction to RSVP Red Sandstone Varied Productions

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:38 pm
by RSVPIreland
Red Sandstone Varied Productions is a theatrical events company, based in Cork. Through professionally produced theatre performances, workshops, classes and varied community and charity events, RSVP encourages expression and self-fulfilment, and successfully creates reasons for people to come together, work together, and support each other, in the community. ‘We are all connected.’

RSVP Production History:

“Tales from the Halloween Crypt,” written and directed by Yvonne Coughlan. The Armada, 29th Oct; Acton’s Hotel, 30th & 31st Oct 2009. Constructed as a series of plays within a play. These stories of stories are accolades to the work of others, or based on historical record and legend. Your host provides the links between this tapestry of Halloween themed tales, as well as contributing her own drama. There are many layers to this crypt. Enter if you dare.

“The Energy of Life,” written and directed by Yvonne Coughlan. Commissioned by, and performed at, Lifetime Lab, Lee Road, Cork. Culture Night. 25 September 2009. Promenade performance, the audience are taken on a tour of the past and present of Cork’s old waterworks. Includes band, dancers, historical site specific dramatic performance, story telling and installation art.

“Performance Workshops: Permaculture themes examined”. Commissioned by Body and Soul Area, Electric picnic. Festival. Stradbally, Ireland. Fri, Sat, Sun, 4pm-6.15pm. September 2009. The theme is examined and workshopped by the participants culminating with a 15minute public performance, open to all.

“McCarthy’s Talent Competition”. Blackrock, Cork, Ireland. April/May, 2009.
Open to all schools primary and secondary in south-east Cork area, culminating in final 8th May.

“A V-Day performance of The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler: Cork/Kinsale, directed by Yvonne Coughlan.” The Pavilion, Carey’s Lane, 27th; The White Lady, Kinsale, 28th; The Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, 29th; The Vertigo Suite, County Hall, Cork, 30th. April, 2009. €11,000 raised for local women’s charities including 10% for women in the Congo.

A play for Gaza; “Seven Jewish Children” by Caryl Churchill, directed by Yvonne Coughlan, produced in association with Project Brand New. Kinsale: 6.30-Temperance Hall; 7.15-Muddy Mahers; 8.00-Acton’s Hotel; 8.45-The Spaniard; 9.15– The Armada, Kinsale, 11th; Cork: The Other Place, 13th; University College Cork, four lunchtime performances, 26th; March, 2009.
This 15 minute play raised funds of €1600 for Medical Aid for Palestinians.

“Improvisation in Drama”. Theatre Workshop. Commissioned by Irish Green Gathering. Festival. Wexford, Ireland. 12 August, 2008.

Quiz night. Fundraiser for Kinsale Community Garden. Transition Town Kinsale. Armada Bar. March, 2008. The evening included performances by two actors, €700 raised.

“Imaginary Garden”. Durational Performance Piece. Main Square, Glasgow, Scotland. 12-4pm, 24 Jan 2008. The audience is invited to join the artist in the imaginary garden to write poetry, sing, dance, hear a story, tell a story, close their eyes and listen to the garden come alive in their imagination.

Drama Club. Mahon Community Center. Co. Cork, Ireland. Oct-Dec 2007.

“The Clock Gate Tower Hangings,” written and directed by Yvonne Coughlan. Youghal Medieval Festival, Co. Cork, Ireland. 26 August. 2007. Specially commissioned 30 minute scripted performance and 90 minutes of improvised performance, by six actors, in town garden. Performance based on factual events of 1797.

“The Haunted History Tour” written and directed by Yvonne Coughlan. Cork City Gaol. Ireland.
1 Feb-12 May, each Thurs. Fri. Sat. 2007. 90 minute site specific promenade involving ten actors. Audience are treated as prisoners once they enter the prison and divided into four groups by their warders. Each audience group experiences 18th Century prison life and meets 'real' prisoners on this dramatic tour of the Gaol. Their warders must be obeyed.

“The Spaniard Crypt,” written and directed by Yvonne Coughlan. Halloween Restaurant Theatre.
The Spaniard Restaurant, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland. 31 October 2006.
◦Dramatisation of local folklore, specifically the White Lady of Charles Fort.
◦Excerpts from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
◦Dramatisation of Druidic tradition during Halloween.
◦Improvised Halloween based performance. The audience enjoy a three course meal as they meet vampires, witness 'other diners' being attacked and watch as one of their 'waiters' become increasingly 'unhinged' in his attempts to deal with the problems of this new job.

“Lights Up”. Series of workshops designed to examine new writing, without full production. Fourteen actors performed and commented on the writing. Temperance Hall, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland. 2004.

“Improvisation and how it works”. Workshop provided for Dramat Society. University College Cork, Ireland. 2004.

“The Woman in Black” .Ghost Play. Directed by Rebecca Dove Dennard. The Granary Theatre, Co. Cork, Ireland. 2003.

“Information for Foreigners” by Griselda Gambaro, directed by Yvonne Coughlan. Promenade Play. Edited for Thesis project, Masters in Drama and Theatre. The Granary Theatre, Co. Cork, Ireland. 2003.
Promenade piece involving forty actors and twenty crew. Four audience groups watch fifteen scenes at thirteen different locations on the same evening, each audience with its own guide/ (actor).The groups converge for a final scene. Each actor, besides the four guides, played each scene two to four times and most had multiple roles. Improvisation methods were a vital part of the rehearsal process. Based on the “dirty war” in Argentina the play deals with themes of injustice and abuse of human rights.

Re: Introduction to RSVP Red Sandstone Varied Productions

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:23 pm
by Nerva
Salve Yvonne,

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find plenty of support from the members here.