README: Groups, Members and Locations

Period: 793 - 1110
Ethnicity: Hiberno-norse, Norse, Svear, Dansk
Activities: Combat, Living History, Experimental Archaeology
Location: County Down, Ireland

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README: Groups, Members and Locations

Postby the_power on Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:32 pm

Hey guys, we often get new people asking where their local reenactors are, or which groups are near them. Check out; user_map.php - it's slow loading, but It is a nice map (based on your location that everyone set in your User Control Panel) of people and groups. There are a lot of groups which seem to be missing people. Our 'user counts' of the various groups are:

Living History Society (11)
Fingal Living History (3)
Bradan Ban(1)
Mogh Roith (2)
Gael agus Gall (2)
Legion Ireland (2)
Fainne Fiain(13)
European Historical Combat Guild (1)
Battlegroup South (1)
Wargroup (1)
Kampfgruppe Knittel (1)
Odin's Einherjare (1)
Les Zouaves (1)
UCC Med & Ren Soc (4)
Na Degad (1)
Lord Edward's Own (3)
N.V.G. Dubh-linn (1)
Irish Living History Society of Central Ohio (1)
Romans Ireland VEX LEG VIII AVG (1)
Minstrel Boys (1)
North Irish Dragoons (1)
Irish Great War Society (1)
Wartime Living History Association (1)
Frontline Association of Reenactors (1)
WW2 Experience (1)
Connaught Rangers (2)
The Pards (1)
Ga Agus Claoimh (2)
Faoi Lia (4)
Claiomh (1)

If you think that's low, perhaps you and your group members have not joined a group on the forum! Once logged in, go to; ucp.php?i=167 and add yourself to every group that you think you should be in. I believe the 'group owner' will be notified. If you don't know who your group owner is, or think you should be a group owner, let me know. Group owners can also add people to their groups.

It might also be a time to tell your group members to sign up on so they can be counted properly!

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