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Kampfgruppe Knittel Ireland

Postby Na Fianna Éireann on Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:41 pm

Kampfgruppe Knittel Ireland

Hi i'm Shergar from SS Kampfgruppe Knittel , we portray the 1st Panzer Division of the LAH , in particular the soldiers that served under Gustav Knittel . we are a group that crosses all divides in Ireland , North / South , Catholic / Protestant . we are non political and non sectarian

We are a fast growing group and have a large membership , all are fully equipped with appropriate field equipment .

We are very careful in regards to who we admit to the group and all applicants must show that they are honest , trust worthy and know the proper meaning of working within a group and the responsibilities that this involves .

We also insist that if you join the group that you without hestitation respect the laws of the country that you live in and also visit , no member is allowed to have illegal guns or gun parts nor purchase any ammunition blanks or otherwise without proper permits from the authorities , nor should members purchase identification discs robbed from dead soldiers .
We do not permit these activities and will expell immediately anyone that ;

1. denies the holocaust / comes out with anti semetic ideology or race hate statements of any kind
2. flaunts the laws of the land
3. purchases grave goods
4. steals on other members or traders
5. thinks he /she is really in the 1940s fighting the war
6. causes disharmony in the group
7. portrays death camp activities

We expect that existing members and new recruits are honest in their dealing with traders and other members from both within and outside the group , as their actions will if dishonest reflect upon everyone within the group .

The group recently has expanded to include an Allied section and a Russian section and the german unit comprises off LAH, HJ and JM sections .

We have attended shows in England , and on the continant recently and have a policy off only atending shows that are recognised for their quality .

This year members have attended events in france , Belgium , Russia , England , Republic of Ireland , Channel Islands and America as well as in the North of ireland and more events are scheduled at home in the coming weeks .

The group welcomes enquires from genuine persons that are interested in the german soldier in WW2 , however we are not interested in making up numbers as quality is more important than quantity . we want people that can work both as team members and as individuals that can bring their skills and attributes to the group and to work together with other group members in harmony .

KGK is also now expanded its activities into vehicles and has a substantial number of vehicles and armourments for its use . I may be contacted via pm on this site

Na Fianna Éireann Fíor inár gCroíthe Neart inár Láimhe Comhsheasmhacht inár dTeanga.
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