Some items for sale

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Re: Some items for sale

Postby redneckjedi on Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:36 pm

Yes, Page 3. Sports page to me ;) I am now the envy of my local group as I am the only one with bronze axe heads...

Answer me these questions three...
    Are these axe heads suitable for Irish Bronze Age?
    Which era of the Bronze Age do these fit in?
    Where can I find sources/suppliers for making the kit to go with said axe heads?

Thanks again!
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Re: Some items for sale

Postby Swifty on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:06 pm

List update as of 22-10-2009:

Swifty wrote:I'm having a bit of a clear-out and am selling some gear I no longer need. As I root through the vaults more stuff could well be added to this list. All prices are in Euro. I can post or we can arrange collection in the Dublin area. PM me, preferably with your email, for further info or pics.

Cabasset (Czech made) E110
Cabasset, wool lined w/black paint finish (U.S. made, Albion) E80
Pikeman’s Pot black paint finish E50
Pike w/unscrewable head on ash shaft (approx 12-13’ long E90
Boarding pike w/langets on ash shaft (approx 8’ long) E80

American Civil War
Breadbag E5
Union Kepi, 69th New Yorkers E15

Oakleaf zeltbahn (Epic) E25
Planetree (3-4 pattern) SS smock (Spearhead) E35.00
Zeltbahn pegs (x3) + poles (x3) (Swiss) E12.00
Wehrmacht splinter smock E30.00
Dot 44 Erbsenmuster field-trousers 32” waist (Anthony Hole) E50.00
Italian panzer-trousers 32” waist E50.00
HBT grey field-trousers ss/wehrmacht 32” waist (Spearhead) E20.00
M40 wool field-trousers ss/wehrmacht 32” waist (Epic) E30.00
German breadbag, green (Epic) E8.00
German mess-tin E10.00
M36 Tunic w/green collar w/LSSAH insignia/enlisted man, 40” chest (Epic) E60.00
German K98 ammo pouches, pebble-finish black leather w/stitching (Epic) E10.00
A-Frame assault bag (SOF) E5.00
German bread-bag strap E5.00
German ankle-gaitors, green E10.00
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