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Important guidelines to using this forum.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:49 am
by Dave Mooney
Important guidelines :

Please post "Item Reserved for *name*" if you are in negotiations with a buyer.

Please post 'This item is now sold' at the end of the thread when the item is gone. This is so moderators can lock or pull the thread.

Please attach a photo of the item or include a link to a photo of the item. This is to reduce the amount of questions about your item for sale .

Please take the process to PM once someone has stated an interest in your item for sale
Do not openly sell with-in the thread. This is to counter open bidding and excessive posts.

Please post "This is a running advert" at the end of your first post if you are a company announcing promotions or are selling a service etc.

Please post this "Promotion is now over" once it has passed.

Please PM a Moderator to get your thread pulled once the sale or exchange is complete.