DAF YA 126 for sale

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DAF YA 126 for sale

Postby museumtom on Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:38 am

I am selling my DAF YA 126. To those of you who go to the shows will know it. It has an 'EXPLOSIVES' sign on the front. 4,500 and you can drive it home. The reason for sale is I am going for an FFR series 3 landrover so that the wife can come to the shows with me. So if you know of one of these pre 80's vehicles for sale I would be most interested. The wife will not travel in the DAF as it scares the living daylights out of her. Steel bucket seats and no seatnelts. The DAF is 50 years old and in great nick as you all know. Last year I drove her to Beltring and back. The English guy who had it before me rebuilt the engine so it is like new and ticks over like a mouses heartbeat. I have the email addresses for previous owners and a full service record. She also comes with a complete set of spares, including (new-old parts) plugs, air filter, oil filter, bulbs,points, steering rack, clutch kit, bearings, seals etc. Anything that has been replaced is recorded, the old part kept and a new one bought as a spare. In the unlikely event of a part being needed there is nothing for this vehicle that cannot be sourced from Wildenburg.
The truck can be stripped of the tarpoulin, the ribs removed and the from windscreen folds forward so it will fit into a small garage.
Thats about the size of it.
if you are interested please phone me 0863417111.
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