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Arms Around Moore St

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:55 am
by azure
For anyone interested in this period, who happens to be in Dublin next Sunday...

The Arms around Moore St campaign are looking for 500 volunteers to er...hold hands, and ring the terrace of houses in Moore Street that includes number 16 (I think it's 14, 15, 16 and 17), which, as you probably all know, was where the surrender was signed in 1916. The terrace has national monument status, but is in the hands of developers, who have submitted applications to 're-develop' that whole side of the street.
The oral hearing to decide the fate of these buildings is next Monday, so they could really do with the publicity.

Padriag, I believe the original ICA flag will be there (although it could be the tricolour from the GPO - they are lovely, committed people organising this campaign, but communication and publicity is not their strong point).

Anyway, 2.30pm on Sunday, if anyone is free.

Re: Arms Around Moore St

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:04 pm
by bannerman
Hello Azure,
Ive had some contact with the group in my capacity as a historian - not as a re-enactor.
In the past as a young archaeology student I got involved in the Carrickmines Protests, I wrote several letters to newspapers about the proposed "restoration" of the Asguard, and have been involved in other such campaigns. I oppose the motor way at tara but have not been actively involved and the foreward of my book specificaly mentions the destruction of our valuable heritage in the name of so called progress.

Whilst I support those who want to preserve 16 Moore street, and wish them well I cant make it because of work. Even if I could Id go in my normal clothes and not 1916-1921 period kit as I think modern politics (even on very noble issues like this) and 1916 period re-enactment should be kept seperate. Once you get involved in modern politics your motives for re-enacting are called into question. Thats the way of the world and we have to accept it. When I wear my history / living history hat I try not to wear my modern politics hat and vice versa.

Id say the flag they are bringing is the Tricolour that supposedly flew off the G.P.O in 1916. The original "Irish Republic" flag (green field white and orange letters) is on display inj the nat Museum after the British Army gave it back to the Irish Government in 1966 as far as Im aware the Starry Plough came back at the same time too. A tricolour allegedly flown from the GPO opposite the Irish Republic flag was put up for auction by either adams or whites of dublin a few years ago but was withdrawn from sale.

Thanks for letting me know any way