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Del Oro , Smerwick

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 5:28 pm
by mountcashel
Hi all, have read and would highly recommend an Irish history book called "The Twilight Lords"(forget authors name, sorry!)
,happened to be working near Smerwick recently and took the opportunity to have a look at Del Oro on the coast, scene
of an epic siege and one of the most gruesome prisoner killing operations of the Desmond rebellion era. What a grim monument!(would have to be I suppose...). Although most of the area has been levelled out by a few centuries of farming etc the fenced off section still bears the troughs and contours of what stood there. All Ive heard about and read about in the mainstream histories and stuff is usually "Kinsale" this and "Kinsale"that, to the detriment of this no less important battle/siege.
Im probably preaching to the converted anyway but if ye're travelling through Kerry during the Summer its worth going a short distance off the main tourist routes, and with the benefit of a little prior research certainly makes for an interesting visit. Im certainly glad I live in the modern age - wouldnt fancy all that "Hewing and Paunching" carry-on one bit!

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:17 am
by jaspergreen
Dear Mountcashel;
I heartily agree. My wife Kelly and I were visiting in late May, made a point to visit the Del Oro site..... not easy if one is not familiar with the lay of the land there. Got there on a blustery afternoon, which seemed to add weight to the somber history of what happened there. I recall looking at the promontory over the water, assumed we were looking at the overgrown remains of a castellated artillery position...does any know for sure the layout of the defenses?
"Twighlight Lords" author is John Berleth, I believe. I have always found it to be the most readable popular history of the Desmond Wars.


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PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:11 am
by Billy

The Journal of the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society have articles about Smerwick/Dún an Óir in the editions issued in the last few years. If you know somewhere that has this journal, it's worth looking at. They're pretty informative.

Just an idea.
Le meas,


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PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 2:57 pm
by bannerman
Was doing some research in Castleisland recently - the new library there has very good facilities and all the journals of the Kerry Archaeological and historical society in their reference section.