Anyone may turn up on the day: Tales of Medieval Dublin

All Day Event: Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:00 am
The Tales of Medieval Dublin is a free, lunchtime lecture series that is designed to give modern Dubliners insight into the lives of their medieval predecessors. Run by the Friends of Medieval Dublin and the Dublin City Council, the third session of this successful series will discuss the lives of a medieval Miller, a Slave, a Potter, a Crusader, a Poet, an Augustinian Canon, and the lives of the Dubliner's buried at the church of St Michael le Pole. The lectures take place monthly on a Tuesday from 1.05-1.45 pm in the Wood Quay Venue in the Dublin City Council offices, and will be launched by Senator David Norris on the 19th of June. The subsequent lectures will take place on the 17th July, 21st August, 18th September, 9th October, 20th November, and 11th December.
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